Be Thou My Vision

Is Christ our Vision? Do we reflect justice, Mercy, and walk humbly before our God? Do we reflect godly wisdom?

Parable of the Talents

Jesus used parables to teach His followers. Why did He do this? Parables reveal moral truth. Godly actions vs human actions. Provided teaching in a more palatable form for those seeking to discredit Him. 

Hebrews: Then and Now

Who where the zealots? Why where there various factions? Before Jerusalem fell, the church fled. The Book of Hebrews was written to this group. They are very similar to the church today. 


The concept of justice is lost in society today. God created the concept of justice and He executes it perfectly. The principles of Godly justice has been replace by moral relativism. What are the consequences of subscribing to moral relativism?

Timeline of the Passover

Some of the people during the time of the Apostle Paul were not giving reverence to the Passover service. Jesus gave specifics as to how the Passover was to be observed. The Old Testament provided instruction on the Passover as well. 

The Last Days

Have we prayed Thy Kingdom Come? We look at the world conditions and realize there is much sorrow present. When will the end come when Christ returns? What did Jesus say about the end?

How Do We View God and Christ?

The previous sermon from Robert Dick it was discussed who is your God? In this sermon he discusses how we relate to both the Father and the Son. What is our approach to God? Do we show gratitude, respect and acknowledge both?

Foundations of Marriage

There are 4 basis of marriage: Conflicted, Traditional, Harmonious, and Vitalized. These are explained in this sermon on marriage as well as some examples of good and bad marriages listed in the Bible. 

Pleasing the Father Part 2

Part 2 in this series. What are our priorities in our daily life? We have many activities, some items we must do and others are lower priority. How do we prioritize our life. What are the most important activities?

Who Is Your God?

Our perception of God is influenced by our background and society. Primitive societies focus on the spirits. The Greeks and Romans had a pantheon of gods. They felt they needed to appease the gods. Their gods were unpredictable. What are the characteristics of the God...

Why God’s Holy Days?

Most of Christianity observes holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. Why does the church observe the Holy Days given to all men? God says these are His days to be observed. Why do you or don't you observe what God commands?

No Regrets

As we mature we may think back on things we did or didn't do that created a feeling of regret. There are examples in the Bible of people whose regrets are documented for our edification. Do you have regrets? How can we live a life free of regrets? Is our spiritual...

Walking Towards Perfection

Life is a continually changing process. How has life changed since we were children? At some point God may have shown you His way. How did we react to the revelation? Are we on an upward path towards godly perfection or are we following the downward trend of the...

Immortal Soul?

Does mankind have an immortal soul? Where did this idea originate? Is it Biblical? Is there a heaven or hell? Is transmigration of the soul accurate? What is the spirit in man? Just what is the soul?

Lessons from Barak and Balaam

We can learn much from the story of Barak and Balaam. Balaam was faithful up to a point then he sold out Israel for personal gain. How is that different from conditions today? Listen to this informative sermon for enlightenment. 

The Book of Life

What is the Book of Life? Is everyone written in it? What does scripture say about this book? Is our name written in this book? What happens if your name is not written in the book or has been blotted out?

Clean and Unclean

God gave His laws for clean and unclean things to eat. These included land animals, sea creatures, and flying things. Plants, insects and crawling things are listed. God separates things that are Holy and profane. God wants His people to be separate. How does clean...

Faith and Works

What is faith? Is it not having a complete trust in someone or something? Is it a strong belief in God or a religion? Does it require some kind of proof to have faith? Or can you have faith in the unseen? How about works? Can you have faith without works? The Bible...

God’s Temple

Is there a place of safety for the church? Will the temple be rebuilt and sacrifices to resume before the end of the age? Is there a physical temple or is there some other temple? What is the Holy Temple in the Lord?

Rewarded According to Works

Is man justified by faith alone apart from the deeds of the law? Is faith the only element of justification? Can we pay for our sins? Are we saved by grace? There is a grass church movement that believes in cheap grace. The scriptures state that we will be rewarded...

Prepare for Challenges

There are examples in the scriptures of people who were faithful to God. God did not allow them to suffer damage. And yet there are others who were persecuted and suffered hurt. What challenges await each of us as we live a Christian life?

Anger Management

The Biosphere experiment proved that life needs resistance for proper growth. The Bible states that we should count it all joy in our trials. Do we blame God for what people do? How do we handle adversity and our anger? Mr Sexton provides insight into these topics. 

Ecclesiastes – is it a Pessimistic Book?

Many think Ecclesiastes is a pessimistic book yet in Jewish synagogues it is read each year as part of the celebration of Sukkoth-the Feast of Tabernacles. Is there something we are missing? This sermon explores the Book of Ecclesiastes and how it can enhance even our...

Dancing With Our Scars

We suffer wounds and they may heal but scars seldom go away. We are to learn to live with our scars. Put past things behind us. Satan wants to use our scars against us. Mr Sexton provides encouragement to help us properly handle our emotional and spiritual scars. 

The Three Resurrections

Many churches teach the resurrection. Is there a reward of being in Heaven after we die? The Bible states that there will be a resurrection at Christ's return. But is that the only resurrection for all mankind? Mr Reeves explains what the Bible teaches. 

It All Comes Down to Attitude

The Holy Grail of modern physics is the search for a great unifying theory–The Theory of Everything. Ancient Greek philosophers searched in vain for something that would unify and make sense of their philosophies. This sermon explores the universal quality that...

Current Events and Prophecy Part 3

Who are the King of the North and the King of the South? Where are the nations of Israel when the North/South conflagration occurs? Why does God withdraw Himself from the many nations of Israel? What leaders call themselves great? Does Israel repent of their ways? Mr...

Current Events and Prophecy Part 2

The Roman Empire. Understanding the Roman Empire and the leaders helps us to understand many Biblical Prophecies. This Part 2 of the series explains the background of Rome's powerful influence on the world. 

Current Events and Prophecy Part 1

With Britain exiting the EU does this mean the end of the EU? Will other nations follow suit? What does this mean in the prophetic time line? Who are the 3 major players in prophecy? Mr Sexton provides insight. 

The Sabbath Day

Why is the Sabbath day special? Does what we do on the Sabbath reflect our relationship with God? What does it mean that we are not to work on the Sabbath? Why did the Jews make the Sabbath a burden? The Sabbath is a test commandment - what does that mean? Is the...

What the Holy Spirit Is Not

Is the Holy Spirit a person? Does it control our minds? Does it manipulate us? Just what is the Holy Spirit? Mr. Ken Loucks provides an interesting look at the Holy Spirit. 

The Sin of Boasting

The boxer Ali claimed to be the greatest. Was he? There are 8 reasons that people boast. Do you know what they are? Is it ok for a Christian to boast? Mr. Sexton discusses boasting. 

The Great Disappointment

What is the Great Disappointment? How to these apply to us as a church and personally? What are the fullness of the gentiles? Mr Sexton brings to light many prophecies that are to be fulfilled.

Christ Our Wave Sheaf

There are Holy Days associated with 3 seasons of the year. Do you know what was harvested during each of these seasons? How do they relate to Christ? Mr Reeves provides insight. 


We are not naturally prayerful people. What are the purposes for prayers and the type of prayers. Does God remember our prayers? Mr Sexton reviews prayers. 

Signs of a True Christian – Unleavened Bread

What are the signs of a Christian? Are we a True Christian with symptoms or do we just have signs of being a Christian? Would our lives as Christians hold up in a court of law or from a medical diagnosis? Are we tolerant of sin? Do we bear fruit of the spirit? Mr...

Preparing for Passover

God told Israel how to begin a calendar year - in the spring not the dead of winter. He also gave them instructions as to which days to observe. Jesus and the apostles set an example as to their observance. The Passover is one of those. Jesus became the lamb...

Passover Lamb

Mr Reeves explores the Old and New Testament Passovers and the sequence of events leading up to the death of Jesus. A thought provoking message. 

Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree so that it withered? How are the promises of God tied to this event? What did the people mean when they shouted Hosanna upon Jesus' entry into Jerusalem? Mr Sexton explains this important topic. 

Two Gods

How does the God of the Old Testament differ than the God of the New Testament? It is said that the God of the OT is strict and harsh, whereas the NT shows a loving, caring God. How do we reconcile the two. Is there one God, two or three? Mr Reeves provides insight. 

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle of ancient Israel during the time of Moses had carefully crafted objects and construction. Mr Sexton goes into some detail to explain the construction, features and proper use of this tent of meeting. 

Salvation and God’s Long Suffering

God gives humanity time to so He can determine the true character of people. He is interested in who will be faithful to Him. God doesn't ignore sinful actions, He wants to see the overall nature before He takes action. Mr Sexton explains why God doesn't always act on...

What Is Truth?

What is Truth? How does perception alter a view of truth? What are things that truth is not? How does relativism relate to truth? What is the ultimate truth? Mr Sexton discusses aspects of truth. 

Modern Gnosticism

The Gnostics suppose themselves to be "in the know". Gnostic ideas were present long before Christianity. Who are the Ascetics? Do you know about the dispensationalists? Mr Sexton covers the teachings of Gnosticism.

The Rock

What was Jacobs pillar stone and how does it figure into the history of Israel and it's present location. Mr Sexton follows the history of the rock and it's relation to our Rock.

Journeys of Paul Part 3

Mr Sexton wraps up the series on the journeys of the Apostle Paul. Paul visited many countries in Europe as well as the British Isles. 

Keys to Personal Growth

We all may have had job evaluations. How did we measure up? In our Christian lives we are to be growing in grace and knowledge. Mr Loucks presents 5 keys to personal growth.