Are You Content?

In I Timothy 6:6 Paul makes this statement: "But godliness with contentment is great gain". We are going to explore what produces contentment and what robs us of contentment with a specific list of takeaways at the end of the message.

The Holy Spirit

The fundamentals and basic attributes of the holy spirit. Is it part of a Trinity? Is it a being like God the Father and Jesus Christ. How do we know that we have the holy spirit?

The Meaning Of The First Of The Weeks

The counting of days from the wave sheaf to Pentecost. The weekly Sabbaths that are in between and the importance of the weekly Sabbath as the key to the proper count leading up to Pentecost. 

What is Living Faith?

The Bible describes faith in several different ways. This message explores Living Faith, what it means, how we can have it and why it is impossible to please God without it.

Self Control

God tells us to be slow to anger. How do we react to anger in ourselves? What is self-control? This message shows how some Biblical people did or did not control their anger. 

Lessons of Ephesians 4-5

The Bible sets the standard of living for humanity. What is the purpose of life? The Bible says we must all appear before a judgement seat. What are some key elements that we will be judged upon. 

The Meek

What are the words for meek as specified in the New and Old Testaments? What do you think the word means? What are the characteristics of meek persons in the Bible? 

Enduring to the End

How are we running our race as Christians? Have we given up? Do we continue to run against many odds? What does God expect of us?

One God

Ephesians 4:8 states that there is One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. This message is a continuation of the topics found in the Book of Ephesians. 

Portland: The Seed Bed

God starts everything He does somewhere. This church began 80 years ago in Portland Oregon. This message presents the founders and the historical aspects of this church. 

No Wall of Partition

There are 3 types of death spoken about in the Bible. One is separation from God. But Paul says that the separation of Jew and Gentile has been removed and salvation is open to all men. 

Building Your House on The Rock

Jesus was a great teacher and used many life examples in his teaching. When building a house we should build on a firm foundation, prepare for bad weather, and use good building practices. Jesus' parable focused on the house and it's foundation. How does this parable...

Spiritual Blessings

The ancient Greeks and Romans had their gods and godesses who they believed would provide for the populace. But God blesses His people with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Judaism: The Religion of the Jews Part 2

How did Judaism develop? How is modern Judaism different than the religion of ancient Israel? What are Mishna and Midrash? What is Sophrim? Answers to these questions are found in this message.

Understanding for the Meek

God has chosen the simple people of the world to confound the mighty. He has revealed the great truths of the basics of life: what man is, what is man's destiny, who is God, and man's future. 

Seeking a Pure Heart

Why do we do what we do? What is our motive? Do we have just motives? What Biblical people had proper motives?

Who Is The Creator?

This sermon is as an exercise in the study of semantics which is defined as the meaning or interpretation of a word or sentence. The question, "Who is the Creator" provides an excellent opportunity to better understand how semantics effects our understanding of...

Head, Heart, Hands

There is a struggle between our head and our heart. The head knows the right way but the heart doesn't always follow. And should agreement be present, do we let our hands take action. This sermon shows the constant struggles we all face in this life. 

Becoming Like Jesus

A profound truth in the Bible is that Christians are to become like Jesus. With this in mind, how should it guide our behavior and every-day life?

A Father’s Word: Follow Me

As Christian fathers, how are we to relate to our families? The Apostle Paul said to imitate him as he said he was our father in Jesus Christ through the gospel. Who do we follow? What kind of example do we set?

The Book of Revelation Part 16

Chapter 18 of Revelation covers the fall of the Babylon. Babylon exerted a major influence world wide. The prophecy indicates an even greater end-time fulfillment and it's final demise. 

How we receive the Holy Spirit

On the day of Pentecost nearly 2000 years ago, Peter said in summary, to repent, and be baptized and you shall receive the Holy Spirit. What he didn't say was how. This message answers the question, how do we receive the Holy Spirit?

Led By the Spirit

Do we allow God's Spirit to lead us in our physical and spiritual lives? Is the Spirit within us or beside us? What are some Biblical examples of people influenced by the Spirit of God? What are the results of being led?

The Book of Revelation Part 14

Chapters 15 and 16 of the Book of Revelation. The sea of glass, the song of Moses, the 7 vials/plagues, and the great earthquake are discussed. 

The Book of Revelation Part 13

The continuing coverage of the Book of Revelation. Revelation 14 contains the 144,000, the New Song, the three Angels, the reaping of the grapes, and the winepress. 

How do we bear with one another?

Collectively we form the Church of God. Yet we are a body of individuals that are all different from each other in many ways. How do we become one? This sermon explores what it means to bear with one another as members of the body of Christ.

The Other Side – Unleavened Bread

Israel left Egypt but did Egypt leave Israel? For 7 days they were finally out of Egypt but it took 40 years to get Egypt out of them. Are we spiritually still in Egypt, in the wilderness or waiting to enter the promised land. 

Lessons From Daniel

What do we hope to gain from reading the Bible - a better understanding, more of the background or character, relationship with God, find God's expectations, avoid mistakes, understand prophecy? We can learn a lot from the life of Daniel. 

Hosea – Parallel to Passover

There are parallels between what the prophets spoke and what Christ said and did. The prophets spoke messages to ancient Israel and for us today. They implored people to be reconciled to God with a new heart and new spirit. 

In Remembrance of Him

All of the Holy Days require us to do some planning and forethought. We need to make ourselves ready both physically and spiritually. We need to rehearse the meaning of the day. How is our planning going for the Passover and Unleavened Bread?

Paul’s Message to Us

Everyone has a favorite Biblical personality or book. But the Book of Acts describes how Paul was so effective in bringing people to Jesus. Do you know why?

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting typically has a negative connotation in most people's minds. But there are some real positive benefits of fasting. This message describes the benefits of fasting.

Make a Difference

How old or young do you have to be to make a difference in this world? The Bible details many who have effected change. This message describes some of these people and how we too can make a difference.

A Tale of 2 Parables

Many times we read a scripture and realize that there is more to the words that what is obvious. Parables tell a story but do we understand the context of why the parable was given? How do we respond to the Word of God?

The Optics of our Calling

What does "abstain from the appearance of evil" mean? Is it possible for good to appear evil and if so, how can you avoid the appearance of evil? This message explores the meaning of 1 Thessalonians 5:22 and what it is that God wants from us in abstaining from the...


Mithras, Sol Invictus, Christmas. How do these relate? This message was presented during the Northwest Family Weekend. 

Lessons from the Kings

We are to live by every word of God as all scripture is designed for our benefit. How do scriptures relate to the Kings of Israel. What benefit did they derive from them? What lessons can we learn from these kings?

Are Our Prayers Like Incense?

The Bible relates prayers as the sweet aroma of incense. Does God appreciate our prayers and does He keep record of those? What are the practical ways we can ensure our prayers are heard?

Focus on the Kingdom

There are many men in ancient Israel that kept their energy and mind focused on the future. The Bible records their stories. Do we keep our focus on the Kingdom of God?

Book of Revelation Part 4

Thrones, 24 Elders, 4 Living Creatures, and a Scroll with 7 seals. This is part 4 of the series on the Book of Revelation.

Can We Teach It?

Are we able to teach the doctrines of the church? Are we babes in Christ or well matured? The Kings of Israel were required to write a copy of the law for their understanding and guidance. How much of the sermons we hear do we make a part of us? Bible study reinforces...

Listen to the Spirit

Are we ready for the Kingdom of God? It is coming in a time unexpected. Are we properly clothed? Does the Holy Spirit guide your life? Are we living a godly life?

Spiritual Deception

A spiritual virus is spread by spiritual deception. How do we become inoculated against a virus? What does it take to prevent a deception? The internalization of the truth of God is important for eternal life. 

Friends of God

There are several names for God's people: Children of God, Sons of God, Chosen, Elect, Called out ones, bride. These all denote a relationship with God. But are we friends of God? What does that mean?

Peace and the Robbers of it

What is perfect peace spoken by Isaiah the prophet? Why does the peace of God surpass all understanding? Who or what robs us of peace?

Book of Revelation Part 1

When will the world end? There have been many so-called prophets that have predicted the end but so far all have failed in their predictions. To whom was the book written? What is the purpose? This is one part 1 of a series. 

God: Master Planner

Chess is a game of planning and forethought. Some are very skilled in looking at long-term scenarios. God is the master planner and sees the end from the beginning. There are several examples in the Bible of the steps leading up to an end result. 


What is Faith? Are we of little faith? Faith is s decision followed by action. Faith can be interrupted. How does Christ affect our faith?

Love Your Wife

Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church. They are fellow heirs to eternal life. How should men treat their mates? Did you know that both men and women can be addicted to pornography and that porn is adultery? 

Family Integrity

The laws of God are not arbitrary. There is a purpose for them. God created the family unit as a foundation for human life. Satan is out to destroy this foundation. 

Key Elements of Marriage

There are several principles that help to make a good marriage. Things that both husband and wife can do or not do that lay the groundwork for minimizing marital problems. 

Understanding and Respect

Women need to understand some key elements in understanding men. Marriage must be built on respect and learning to understand each other. 

Maxims for Husbands and Fathers

What does Biblical Rule mean when applied to marriage? Does it mean to be a dictator? What is a good father? What if we never had a good fatherly role model? There are three words that describe how a husband should treat his wife. What are they?

Advice to Youth

Times have changed since you were a youth. The morals and character of America have deteriorated greatly in a short time. What were you taught about living life and how to have success in marriage? 

Message to Ephesus

The messages to the churches in the Book of Revelation are both specific and timeless. Part of the message to Ephesus was to remember their first works. He who has an ear...

God Uses Human Variety

God uses a variety of people to accomplish His purposes. These people have faults and lessons to learn. The Bible shows examples of this variety and details their faults and the lessons they learned. 

Perfect Character

We are taught to look below the surface when dealing with the issues of life and how we view others. God looks at our heart. What is He looking for? What is perfection?

Evil Teachings of Jezebel

The message to Thyatira mentions that they tolerated Jezebel to teach and seduce God's servants. Who was Jezebel and what influence did she have on world governments and religious beliefs?

Finding the True Church

How does one seeking God discover the true church? What are the identifying signs of that church? Is is one of the major denominations? This sermon reveals the key markers of God's church. 

Meaning Behind the Spring Holy Days – Unleavened Bread

The spring Holy Days reveal the starting point of God's plan. The Passover focuses on Christ. The Night To Be Observed pictures coming out of sin. The Days of Unleavened Bread picture a sin-free life as Christ lived it. But there are a number of richer meanings to...

God became man so man can become God – Unleavened Bread

There is a verse in the old testament that is quoted in the new testament more than any other scripture. It is Psalms 118:22. Christ is revealed as the chief cornerstone. God's divine power gives us all the tools we need to attain the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit...

True Repentance

There is worldly repentance and godly repentance. What is the difference between the two? The world teaches tolerance which leads to acceptance and approval of sin. Who defines sin? How do sin and the law of God relate? Who were some biblical examples of true and...

Reverse Engineering 1 Corinthians – Unleavened Bread

I Corinthians is a book written to a Gentile church keeping the Days of Unleavened Bread. Each year we read I Corinthians 11:23-26 at the Passover service but where was Paul coming from when He made this statement? We will walk backwards through I Corinthians asking...

Reconciliation of God and Man

God has a plan to reconcile all mankind to Himself. What separated God from us in the first place? What are the details of this plan? Who is primarily involved in this plan?