The Meek

What are the words for meek as specified in the New and Old Testaments? What do you think the word means? What are the characteristics of meek persons in the Bible? 

Building Your House on The Rock

Jesus was a great teacher and used many life examples in his teaching. When building a house we should build on a firm foundation, prepare for bad weather, and use good building practices. Jesus’ parable focused on the house and it’s foundation. How does...

In Remembrance of Him

All of the Holy Days require us to do some planning and forethought. We need to make ourselves ready both physically and spiritually. We need to rehearse the meaning of the day. How is our planning going for the Passover and Unleavened Bread?

Are Our Prayers Like Incense?

The Bible relates prayers as the sweet aroma of incense. Does God appreciate our prayers and does He keep record of those? What are the practical ways we can ensure our prayers are heard?