God: Master Planner

Chess is a game of planning and forethought. Some are very skilled in looking at long-term scenarios. God is the master planner and sees the end from the beginning. There are several examples in the Bible of the steps leading up to an end result. 

True Repentance

There is worldly repentance and godly repentance. What is the difference between the two? The world teaches tolerance which leads to acceptance and approval of sin. Who defines sin? How do sin and the law of God relate? Who were some biblical examples of true and...

Why God’s Holy Days?

Most of Christianity observes holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. Why does the church observe the Holy Days given to all men? God says these are His days to be observed. Why do you or don’t you observe what God commands?

What the Holy Spirit Is Not

Is the Holy Spirit a person? Does it control our minds? Does it manipulate us? Just what is the Holy Spirit? Mr. Ken Loucks provides an interesting look at the Holy Spirit. 

Keys to Personal Growth

We all may have had job evaluations. How did we measure up? In our Christian lives we are to be growing in grace and knowledge. Mr Loucks presents 5 keys to personal growth.