Immortal Soul?

Does mankind have an immortal soul? Where did this idea originate? Is it Biblical? Is there a heaven or hell? Is transmigration of the soul accurate? What is the spirit in man? Just what is the soul?

Faith and Works

What is faith? Is it not having a complete trust in someone or something? Is it a strong belief in God or a religion? Does it require some kind of proof to have faith? Or can you have faith in the unseen? How about works? Can you have faith without works? The Bible...

The Three Resurrections

Many churches teach the resurrection. Is there a reward of being in Heaven after we die? The Bible states that there will be a resurrection at Christ’s return. But is that the only resurrection for all mankind? Mr Reeves explains what the Bible teaches. 

The Sabbath Day

Why is the Sabbath day special? Does what we do on the Sabbath reflect our relationship with God? What does it mean that we are not to work on the Sabbath? Why did the Jews make the Sabbath a burden? The Sabbath is a test commandment – what does that mean? Is...

Christ Our Wave Sheaf

There are Holy Days associated with 3 seasons of the year. Do you know what was harvested during each of these seasons? How do they relate to Christ? Mr Reeves provides insight. 

Passover Lamb

Mr Reeves explores the Old and New Testament Passovers and the sequence of events leading up to the death of Jesus. A thought provoking message.